Tools We Recommend

The following is a list of easy-to-use tools that we recommend for enhancing and preserving your privacy online, on your smartphone, and in the 'real' world.

Secure Browsing

Don't regret browsing the world wide web.

  • HTTPS Everywhere extenstion -- Use HTTPS Everywhere.
  • Tor Project -- Don't let yourself be watched and circumvent censorship (or help others to).


Talk to friends and foes, but keep secrets secret.

  • TextSecure mobile -- Encrypt your text messaging. Works like normal messaging, just secure.
  • Tox experimental desktop mobile -- Secure your audio and video chat. Like Skype, but not quite ready for prime time yet.

For Nerds & GeeksFor Nerds & Geeks

These tools are a bit harder to set up, probably requiring you to change configuration in your existing system. However most of them should not require much further care, other than keeping the software up to date. So if you do not use these tools and have twenty minutes of time you still want to give them a quick look.

  • TCPcrypt -- Encrypt the Internet.
  • DNSCrypt -- Secure your DNS lookups.
  • IMSI Catcher Detector experimental mobile -- Find out when your mobile phone is being tracked.
  • Pond experimental desktop -- Make sure nobody knows when or where you communicate.

Many more tools and projects can be found on the PRISM Break website.